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tv   Action News 600 AM  ABC  April 20, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good morning, it is 6:00 a.m., monday, april 20, the accuweather team is working hard this morning. we're tracking a heavy soaking rain for the morning commute. >> problems on the roads including an update on a crash that backed up traffic on route 1. >> family and friends gathered to grief the sudden death of a football player at saint joseph's prep. >> karen rogers is off. matt pellman has traffic. let's go outside to david murphy good morning. >> reporter: take a look we're in the middle of the windy extreme wet pattern, you see the yellow on the radar that's
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heavy rain that's producing ponding and puddling on the roads. matt pellman will tell us the problems related to the rain, as well. we'll have heavy rain through the morning rush. watch out for ponding on roads. even if the rain dies down we'll have floor drainage. 53 in philadelphia, 53 in sea isle city. winds are rolling off the ocean as they did yesterday. we'll turn them around from the south and get warmer. 8:00 a.m., raining across the region, temperature of 60. by noon scattered sprinkles drier overall and warmer with a temperature of 68. 3:00 p.m., sunny breaks, 74, later today the high is 76 degrees later on we have to be on the look out for gusty thunderstorms and damaging winds. future tracker 6 shows you the way the rain is going to play
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out. >> reporter: we're waiting for the dry conditions to come back, please the wet conditions are making a mess of our monday morning commute including a crash on the southbound side of the boulevard. this is where it was just cleared, so all three lanes are back open, but damage is done. southbound is parking lot from broad to the schuylkill expressway. as we watch the traffic is starting to loosen up. we have delays to contend with on the southbound side of the boulevard. on the noshedz northbound side, a vehicle ran into a light pole that cleared. a power outage in southwest philadelphia shutting down elmwood avenue between island and 73rd stay on woodland. in dell could a couple of issues in drexel hill, problems with the traffic lights this morning
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close to jimmy mack's bar and grill. fire activity in newtown township along goshen road near tyson road. in upper providence we have a downed tree bishop road at chapel hill road. stick with 52 kennett pike to get around the accident at mount shannon road. a car struck two vehicles vehicles -- struck two teenagers mayfair. the driver of the honda that struck the girls kept going but later returned to the scene. 6:03, 37,000 runners have trained and prepared and today low line up at the starting line for the boston marathon. this is the second marathon
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since the bombing that killed three spectators in 2013. 20 runners who were at the finish line when the bomb went off. team 415 formed last year when they were offered free entry into the race. convicted bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev will be back in court for the first day of the trial sentencing phase. dzhokhar tsarnaev was convicted on all 30 counts he faced. jurors will decide whether he will spend life in prison or receive the death penalty. the oldest track and field event starts in philadelphia. pen relays start at franklin field. grief counselors will be at saint joseph's prep ready to help students and staff in need. a freshman football player
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collapsed and died at a team practice. annie mccormick has more and joins us with details. >> reporter: grief counselors were on hand for many of the teammates who were with the young man who collapsed on the field. the classmates are returning for the first time after learning the news. coaches parents and classmates cold comforted each other saturday on the school campus. the head coach spent most of the day consoling players. friday morning during a football conditioning workout, ryan gillyard collapsed on the field in front of his teammates. his coaches rushed to revive him, he was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead. his father told "action news" off camera ryan had no preexisting million conditions and played football since third
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grade and played cyo basketball at saint dennis in havertown. a mass was held to honor ryan. st. joe's released this statement saying in part, ryan was a great person and someone we were proud to have as partly of our community. we'll do whatever we can to support his family and friends especially the members of the freshman class and the football team of which he was a member. and so many are asking how could this happen so someone so young. well, his family members said over the weekend they did not knows cause of death, they were waiting autopsy results. reporting live outside st. joe's prep annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thanks so much. it was a wild weekend for a retailer who saw a black friday-like frenzy over beach
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ware. maribel aber has more. >> reporter: hundreds of people lined up at target stores before they opened for a chance to grab some of the limited edition items of the lilly pulitzer. there's always ebay, thousands showed up on the auction site yesterday. cadillac will have a plug in version of the ct6 does sedan. the gas version goes on sale in september. is no word on when the plug-in model will be available. new stock regulations in chien in chien -- china sent stocks tumbling. that's the latest business news from nasdaq, have a great week. >> free agent quarterback tim tebow who has not played in an nfl game since 201 is expected to sign with the eagles today. the former heisman trophy winner
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is expected to be on hand for the start of the off season training program today. espn ron jaworski says the moved surprised him. >> i have great respect for tim wanting to come to philadelphia and play for chip kelly and his unique style of offense. this is kind of a head scratcher for me, i don't see how this will work. >> he joins a crowded quarterback group that clads another heisman winner sam bradford and matt barclay who looks like he could be in the trouble competing for the third quarterback position. >> it's going to be interesting to see how this year will shape up. >> reporter: you wonder how many people will make the team, there's no guarantee tim does. interesting move. now he has to draft the hot quarterback from -- now we'll have five.
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we have heavy rain moving into the heavily traveled roads including the blue route. that's getting inundated. i-95 in chester is taking on water, as are parts of ruth 55 and the ac expressway i want to give you the wide view it's charging up from the time south and at the same time pushing toward the east. we're seeing drying by gettysburg the heavier stuff gets on through over the next hour hour and a couple and a half. toward the the end of the rush hour we'll see drying. we have rain coming in the western suburbs and pushing toward the east and the north. 50 in trenton. 50 in allentown. we have winds coming in off the ocean keeping us cool.
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it's blustery out there so in some cases this is a windswept rain that you're feeling. this is a chance this gets past us up toward the northern reaches of the region. in the rest of the afternoon sunny breaks, by 3:00 p.m. didn't look like there will be much rain happening at all. does that mean it's done? no because there's cold front coming in later today and we could be looking at a line of quick-moving thunderstorms that could give us problems. it would be anytime after dinner hour i would be concern for strong thunderstorms. the national weather service bumped us up to a moderate chance which is a good chance for any storms that formed giving us strong damaging wind wind gusts and perhaps 60-mile an hour gusts that would be an issue with any storms that come through this morning. there's hail potentially from about philadelphia over toward the east and in aerials close to
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the lehigh valley. -- areas in the lehigh valley. this is a rare concern. there is a low chance of an isolated tornado. you put this together, if you hear thunder today or this evening, take cover on the lower floor because the storm could pack a punch. we'll have heavy rain 1 to 2 inches be that's going to fall this morning. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high 76 degrees. it's going to be warm this afternoon. morning rain tapering off. in the afternoon sprinkles or showers. later tonight a strong gusty thunderstorm is possible. be careful of those. sunny and breezy tuesday 68. 63 on wednesday increasing clouds, late shower. thursday, 59 degrees is the high, cooler and dry staying cool friday, saturday and sunday, looks like that late weekend stretch is dry. >> thank you david.
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6:11 up next, the screams from a burning home in the west and they not coming from human mouths. >> a magic moment for the star magic mike. fans helped which which a star find something he wanted back really bad. bridge on route 23 closes, we'll have more after the break. >> up next, we have tech bytes.
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>> welcome back, you can see the sun is starting to -- the dawn is starting to break in atlantic city. we're dealing with wind and rain 6:15, 52 degrees. getting up to 76 later today. >> is this code matt. >> reporter: i wanted to say hole in chinese language day. that is one of two words i know in chinese. on the boulevard, traffic is moving better, coming down from
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broad street, heading toward the schuylkill expressway. our earlier crash is gone now all lanes reopened. it's wet but no more scram on southbound one. don't worry we have plenty of other issues, like the traffic light troubles at the intersection of aboutmont and marshall. we have an accident between island and 73rd. today is the dreaded day we've been talking about this in schuylkill township. you'll see the barricades along route 23 they are closing the valley forge bridge over the pickering creek a bridge so many use and won't be able to use until the end of the year. let's talk about the alternates. egypt road, route 29 to route
6:17 am
422. take 29 south to the turnpike, but keep in mind the interchange is an e-z pass only interchange. more work starting today in galloway township, each day they are closing the jimmy leeds road. they are closing the pine street bridge during the middays this week route 13 gets you around that. >> investigators say an unintended cooking fire sparked a wildfire in southern california. the fire began east of la forcing the evacuation of hundreds of homes. cooler temperatures and lower winds helped firefighters attack the blaze. residents are being urged to stay indoors because of the lingering smoke. the fire is 35% contained. firefighters arriving at a burning house in idaho heard what they thought were calls for
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help inside. they found the source of the calls were two parrots. the birds were trained to scream for help in case of emergency. when the blaze broke out they screamed fire fire. the parrots had to be given oxygen but they are expected to fully recover. more and more people are asking not what's up, but what's app. that's topping tech bytes. >> reporter: what's app has 800 million active users. at this rate experts predict it will hit the 1 billion mark by the end of the year. hitech specks can provide relevant information such as speed direction and points of direction and cars abdomin secured by -- obscured by cars. channing tatum needed help finding a backpack he left in a
6:19 am
city cab. he tweeted this thanks saying to the good new york samaritan who found my bag and asked for nothing in return. thank you. >> i hope he got something. >> at least tickets to his next movie. >> have a great monday. >> a small grill fire gets out of handles really fast. we have a dramatic video on the update on the damage that was done. >> reporter: rain heavy in spots this morning umbrellas on the kids this afternoon. there will be a lull and shorts and ts work late-day thunderstorm possible. i'll have the day planner that's all coming up. (female announcer) you could win $1,000 a day for life... (husband) hon! it's grover cleveland! (female announcer) ...when you play the new cash4life, from the pennsylvania lottery. (husband) let me get this. (female announcer) that means you too could experience the joy of winning. (wife) look who went shopping!
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fact. every time you take advil liqui gels you're taking the pain reliever that works faster on tough pain than extra strength tylenol. and not only faster. stronger too. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil today's rain is expected to help put out a brushfire that is threatening homes in pennsylvania's mahoning valley.
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firefighters have been pumping water out of the family pool to carry water up to where it is burning. crews have sprayed a foam resist resist -- fire resistant foam on the yard. >> reporter: i-95 creeping along slowly from academy to cottman and betsy ross bridge into girard slower than normal. farther south on i-95 new castle county there's an accident involving a pick up truck tractor-trailer on its side. i-95 increased jammed at highway 1 expect restrictions and delays. 34, 36 trolley seeing the impact of the power outage along elmwood avenue. >> reporter: the delays are related tots heart of the heavy rain in the center of the region. you can see it highlighted in yellow. there's drying in will come county and baltimore but it's
6:23 am
only slowly making its way toward the east. by 9:00 a.m. 62 degrees. in the very least areas north an east of philadelphia will be looking at decent rain. 68 at noon, just a couple of sprinkles and showers, 74 is the 3:00 p.m. temperature. we'll get a high of 76 degrees late in the day around 4:30, 5:00 p.m. as we look at the wide view a lot of rain from the gulf coast into the northeast. it will be severe weather mixed in at times late this afternoon and evening. look out for gusty thunderstorms. looks like chicago has rain, philadelphia has rain and raining in new york. no major delays yet but i would keep my eye on possible delays developing later on matt an tam. >> okay, thank you. residents say a fire that tore through several row homes in montgomery county was sparked by a barbecue grill. viewer video shows the fire in norristown, yesterday afternoon. the fire jumped from one home to
6:24 am
another. the resident said she and her husband were grilling on the back porch when the fire started. no one has hurt. the red cross is helping five families. >> 6:24, fans react to the eagles tim tebow dealing that's coming up at 6:30. in the next half-hour, the search for vandals who burned a bucks county church. hear from the pastor who believes the crook were plotting this for a while.
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yeah, it wasn't. so when ron said you'd never afford a john deere tractor, you knew better. now ron does too. introducing the e series. legendary john deere quality. unexpected low price. drive one of the e series tractors during a drive green event at your john deere dealer. a berks county man is
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behind bars over accusations that he posed child pornography. brian perry had more than 600,000 of images of minors in his home. detectives say they traced the files back to perry through a date sharing website. philadelphia police launch a crackdown on atvs and so far they are saying it looks like a success. several agencies joined together to get them off the streets. patrol officers located the vehicles while the aviation unit pitched in from the sky. police will check to see if any of the vehicles were reported stolen. chip kelly makes another off season move that has the entire nfl talking though. >> rain is apartment of a severe weather system snaking across the county. new video of the hardest hit region that's up next.
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>> happening now on "action news," rain! storm tracker 6 live is helping you get through a wet commute. >> vandals target a church in bucks county and it's happened to the church before. >> tim tebow is staging a comeback and he will do it as a philadelphia eagle. >> good morning 6:30, monday april 20. karen is off let's talk to david about the rain and matt pellman to talk about the traffic. >> reporter: it is windy and cool on the terrace. the rain is steady. take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan we have that blob over the central portion of the region. it's steady to heavy rain covering the heavily traveled roads in the area. you can see it coming out of west it's moving to the east.
6:31 am
use caution and plan ahead. probably take you extra time getting in today because of the heavy to steady rain. ponding and puddling on roads that will exist after the rain starts to die down. 58 in wilmington. 50 in allentown and 53 in sea isle city. the winds are rolling off the ocean. as we go through the day the wind will turn a little bit more from the south and warm us up. 8:00 a.m., wet 60 degrees. by noon, a sprinkle or spotty shower around or probably dry drier by noon. 68 degrees, we'll see sunshine return by the afternoon. 74 by 3:00 p.m. high of 76 by 4:30 or 5:00. after 6:00 be on the look out for strong gusty thunderstorms that are liable to build in. some of those will produce damaging wind gusts. that is our second issue late today and this evening. matt pellman i'll have more on the rain and the storms on future tracker 6 coming up. >> reporter: i can really hear the rain on your umbrella, wow!
6:32 am
what a beautiful morning. we are looking live at the boulevard where we had an early morning crash that cleared out. it's busy passing fox street in east falls but not terrible. busy on i-95 southbound from academy and again to the betsy ross bridge into girpd. girard. the 38 minute travel time is more than it would be at this time. the rain is impacting this. you're seeing ponding and puddling especially through the work zones slow down because you'll lose control and several people have. a vehicle ran off the roads into the woods on the southbound side of marsh road. farther south highway 1 a tractor-trailer and pick up collided. tractor-trailer is on its side. we have emergency crews out
6:33 am
there and and the action cam is out there, as well. i-95 southbound by christiana expect delays, as well. in northern delaware, we have a downed tree blocking month shannon road close to flowers and gifts. in delco we have fire activity along goshen road and traffic light troubles at bermont and marshall. tebow time. we're here to breakdown chip kelly's latest off season move. tim tebow is expected to sign a one year deal with the birds today. the heisman trophy winner hadn't played a regular season nfl game since 2012 when he was with the new york secrets. the signing doesn't guarantee he will make the eagles roster, but
6:34 am
not discouraged these fans. >> in chip we trust. >> he is going to be a good locker room presence i think he will bring a missing piece to the team. maybe they need that locker room cohesion a little bit more. >> tebow will join demarco murray and sam bradley -- bradford. chip kelly has parted ways with nick nick foles. we'll break down how the florida gator will fit in with the eagles. fire marshalls in bucks county will put together the pieces trying to figure out who set fire to the local church on pine wood drive in falls township. a neighbor noticed the wooded cross was on fire as well as the wooden playhouse in the church playground. the pastor shows us the damage
6:35 am
caused when someone threw a mall to have cocktail through the men's bathroom window. the church's marquee was smashed. >> it seems like it was a direct attack. ten days ago they tested the window to to see if they could get into the window and two weeks later they break the same window. >> if you have any information contact the falls township fire marshal. >> happening today funeral services for a little boy who was killed by a hit hit and run driver in philadelphia. 2-year-old david alicia died after being hit. the boy's mother was injured. the car's owner was not behind the wheel. the police say it was a relative of the man's girlfriend who remains at large. the search continues for migrants who were lost in the mediterranean sea. hundreds were on board when it
6:36 am
capsized off the coast of libya. the italian coast guard searched during the night and found 28 people alive and 24 bodies. one survivors claims there was 950 people on the boat. >> grief counselors will be at st. joe's prep the students body remembers a crowning classmate who died on the field. student body attended mass to honor ryan gillyard. he collapsed on the field and was not able to to be revived. gunfire went off at delaware state university during greek life on saturday. the three victims injured were not students. witnesses say a bunch of fights broke out and there was a shooting at a university
6:37 am
apartment complex a few hours later. >> it saddens me, students at delaware state university know how to conduct themselves properly. when you bring other people outside the university and they don't know our correspond values and how we -- core values and how we operate that becomes a problem. >> there were no arrests in either case. >> parts of the country are recovering from the weekend of wild weather. a woman dialed in cincinnati ohio when the -- died in cincinnati ohio when the tree crashed on her car. 4 inches of rain fell in alabama dozens of homes destroyed. tornados stretched from northern florida to north carolina. the system sent country music fans for cover in arlington texas. >> get the umbrella here. >> reporter: yeah, heavy rain this morning and thunderstorms
6:38 am
this evening. take a look at the central portion of the region, our most commonly heavily traveled roads are being covered by heavy rains, the blue route the schuylkill expressway, both turnpikes and the top half of the atlantic city expressway and routes 55 all not looking pretty good or very good at all. we have the heavier rain beginning to clear wilmington, generally speaking even there, you're look at a lot of residual ponding and puddling. this is moving toward the east and the majority fortunate morning rush hour will be wet with eventual clearing or drying west to east later toward the end of the rush. as we look outside, cloudy skies, wet conditions at the ben franklin bridge. you may see the camera bouncing a bit on top of heavy rain we have a chilly breeze blowing. take a look 56 degrees in the city. the winds are rolling out of the east at 17 miles per hour. maybe gusting a little higher
6:39 am
than that at times. windswept rain to deal with this morning. future tracker 6 shows all the way up until 9:00 a.m. there's a chance we see the back edge of the morning batch of rain. it will push off to the north an east about 10:00. 2:30 3:00 p.m. we may have spotty showers and sunshine breaking back into play. in the evening hours anytime around dinnertime we'll have to be on the look out for a line of thunderstorms that's moving in. that's ahead of the cold front portion of the system. it will be warm this afternoon but we'll be setting the table for strong storms. by 10:00 11:00 the dynamic also are not there to support all this. by this evening, we could have strong damaging wind gusts and
6:40 am
hail in philadelphia toward the west and south. there's a slight risk where an isolated tornado particularly in the western suburbs the bottom line if you hear thunder in the evening hours take cover on the lower floors from any thunderstorm because they could produce a wallop tonight. rainfall amounts 1 to 2 inches. most of that falling in the morning. that's what you're dealing with for the morning commute. 66 by 11:00. sprinkles and showers but we'll be drying out and get into a lull. 73 with sun at 2:00. 76 is the late day high around 4:30 or 5. hitting 7 of around 5:00 or 5:00. -- 5:30. mid 60s down the shore next to the cool ocean water. tomorrow, the system is gone,
6:41 am
sunshine returns it's breezy and cooler. today will be warm, 76 this afternoon. rain tapering off after the morning rush hour we get into the afternoon lull and later this evening, we have a line of strong gusty thunderstorms coming in. tuesday, sunny and breeze, 68 is the high there. wednesday, increasing clouds, cooler, 63. thursday mostly cloudy and dry 59 degrees. friday an saturday it's cooler, but it's april it happens. >> the search for a woman and daughter who seemed to vanish in new york city is over. protesters hit the street in baltimore who learned that a man taken into police custody died several days later. >> reporter: we're looking at eastbound 422 and now a westbound crash. we'll talk about issues on i-95 and the northeast extension and
6:42 am
a whole bunch more. stick around "action news" continues in just a moment.
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>> 6:44 and we have rain just about everywhere, including here at philadelphia international airport. at times this morning it could be heavy. later on today look out for a possible thunderstorm. >> let's go over to matt pellman it's been a busy morning for you, matt. >> reporter: get ready for the laundry list with the heavy rain comes a whole a bunch of accidents. the action cam got back from the scene of a tractor tractor-trailer on the side.
6:45 am
the cab portion remained upright. the trailer pork is on its side. -- the trailer portion is on its side. this is by highway one toward the christiana mall. the accident restrictioning trafficment police on the scene. state troopers working hard in the heavy rain. watch out for delays on southbound of i-95. after you get there after you cross the state line there's a crash that ran off the road into the woods. that's i-95 southbound by route 3, marsh road. the emergency crews are out there, as well. on the big picture in pennsylvania pleasant of slow speeds -- plenty of slow speeds on i-95. 14 by the betsy ross bridge. 11 in the work zone by girard avenue. better news in southwest philadelphia. the fire activity blocking elm wood avenue has cleared you tell. everything has reopened and back to normal on the septa trolleys.
6:46 am
new issues in montgomery county a crash in flower town, bethlehem pike. downed tree blocking white hall road at bean, no crash at 40-foot and welsh road. southbound accident on the northeast extension pushed off to the side. check out the westbound sea of tail lights stacked up in the normal spots. a mother and young daughter missing for nearly 3 weeks have been found safe. they were found in the upper west side neighborhood. they vanished at the same time the widow was involved in the dispute over her husband's will with her step children. no charges are expected in their disappearance. charges are pending against a white house fence scrummer.
6:47 am
jumper, the secret service spotted the suspect and he was quickly taken into custody. officials say they may top the white house fence with spikes in an effort to discourage these types of incidents. baltimore police department is investigating the death of a man who was injured. freddie gray suffered broken vertebrae on april 12. police did not say how he got hurt or why he was arrested. protests broke out when activists learned of his death. officials will look into the arrest and whether the argue officers face criminal charges. terror take down, the feds make a major push to stop homegrown terror. "good morning america" has a live preview up next. >> reporter: it is raining cats and dogs in some neighborhoods.
6:48 am
gear the kids with umbrellas. this afternoon we'll get a break, shorts and ts as we warm up and this evening gusty thunderstorms possible. #
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6:51 am
people detouring afternoon the new closure that begins today of route 23 in schuylkill township chester county. the brimming over pickering creek closed over the year. egypt road, route 29 taking the brunt of the traffic. can you see it? , it's the tacony-palmyra about to go up in ten minutes. good luck seeing it. >> reporter: hard to see the bridge if you're driving across it, we have a heavy batch of rain over the center of the region highlighted in yellow. this is pushing toward the north. the back edge is push toward the east. for now we have slow going in the entire immediate portion of the region because of the heavy rain. looks like the rain will taper off toward the end of the morning commute. noon, 68. might see sun poking through a little bit. still there's a chance of a spotty shower, i think we get sun in the afternoon. 74 is the 3:00 p.m. temperature. the high 5:00 p.m., 76 and 74 at 6:00 p.m. the other issue happens a little
6:52 am
after the dinner hour tonight in all likelihood where matt strong gusty thunderstorms are possible. i meant everybody to take cover indoors on the lower floors when they hit. fbi will update it's results of a homegrown terror investigation. several crowning people were arrested in minneapolis and san diego and suspected isis sympathizers. they traveled to syria or planned to go there. isis released a video showing the killing of ethiopian christians in libya. taylor swift the country turned pop singer was honored at the academy of country music awards. it was her mother that presented the reward for her. earlier this month the singer revealed her mother was diagnosed with cartridges. singer justice continue timberlake and actress jessica biel shared the first photo of
6:53 am
their first newborn son yesterday. take a look at silis rand doll timberlake. this is the first child for biel and singer timberlake. # ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> grief counselors will be at same time josie prep to help students and staff to deal with the death of a young student arena athlete. 15-year-old ryan gillyard collapsed anticipate died during a football workout. tim tebow will sign a one year deal with the eagles, he has not played in the nfl since 2012. >> reporter: the rain is coming down this is the scene from christiana delaware where truck is on its side. expect restrictions and delays. in south jersey and gloucester county flooding on the jersey turnpike northbound past exit 2 david. >> reporter: heavy rain falling right now it end toward the of the rush hour.
6:57 am
warm this afternoon sun returning 76 is the high. we're looking at the possibility this evening, in particular of strong thunderstorms across the region that have a good chance of producing gusty winds. >> head to when we are not on the air facebook and twitter. for david matt, tam i'm matt, see you!
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and just like that the snow is gone. and parkas become jackets. and sweaters go down for a long nap. and off you go. and your backyard gets a whole lot bigger. and you're running... and climbing... and your gear gets lighter and trimmer, and fitter and smarter. and now every frozen second spent willing this day to come is just a warm fading memory. ♪
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, new threat. a major terror takedown down at home. at least six people arrested for ties with isis. a nationwide ring as the terror group pushes to recruit more americans into its ranks. the florida postal worker who landed the gyrocopter on the lawn tells his story this morning. the incredible new video of his journey high over washington. dramatic rescue. the harrowing 911 call from a 13-year-old boy trapped in his burning home with his sister. >> we're going to die! >> how he helped lead firefighters to save them with only moments to spare. >>


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